Beginners' Course: starting Sat 5 August

We will be starting a Beginners Course in August.

This course is suited to any one who is interested in playing the game of Bridge. No prior knowledge is required.

If you know someone who is interested in taking up this most challenging of hobbies - please draw their attention to this notice.

More information about the course is on our flyer.

Finesse vs Southside Tuesday Night Championship - Results

Thanks to everyone who joined in on this event. It was really fun!

Congratulations to the winners:

1st - Lee Weldon & Trevor Caldwell (Southside)
2nd - John Carter & Pat Trass (Finesse)
3rd - Bruce Smart & Glad Donovan (Finesse)

Finesse holds the title for this year - and we hope to run this event again next year.

Tuesday nights will continue at Southside venue. All welcome.

Happy Bridging!!

Australia Wide Novice Pairs

Results have been posted on the Australian Bridge website.

Congratulations to all the members and very new players who entered the competition this year.

Special congratulations to the heat winners:

1st - Ann Collier & Lynette Larkin
2nd - Claire & Robert Stammel
3rd - Dianne Picton & Margie Mallon

We look forward to hosting this event again next year - and conducting the Australia wide pairs in August.

See you then, and
Happy Bridging!!

Monday Night Monthly Championship - May

Congratulations to this month's winners:

1st - Therese Simmons & Yvonne Hankin
2nd - Claire & Robert Stammel
3rd - Yvonne Devlin & Maureen Holt

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Australia Wide Novice pairs last night too! Monumental effort - and a link to the results will be posted shortly!

Notice: Tuesday nights at Southside

The Finesse vs Southside Championship will be played at Southside for the final two weeks.

State Open Pairs Qualifier - Wednesday mornings

We're running the first of our State Open Pairs Qualifier starting this Wednesday, 24 May for the next three weeks.

One sub will be allowed. Please join us for an opportunity to play in the Finals at the NSWBA in November.

Finesse vs Southside Tuesday Night Championship

Tuesday nights are coming back, starting with a 4 week competition between our club and Finesse.

Come and be part of the fun and challenge.

Details on the attached flyer - entries can be made through either club.

Cost will be $12 per player per session.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Improvers I - 6:00pm, Wednesday 24 May

We will be running the Improvers I from late May.

Please check the flyer for details. It is following on from the Beginners course, but is a great opportunity for people who would like to brush up on Stayman, Pre-empts or Transfers to come along for a session or two.
It is also a good opportunity for anyone who has fallen off the "bridge" wagon, to get back into the game.

NB On Wednesday 17 May we will be running a one-off Supervised session for anyone interested.

Monday Night Monthly Championship - April

Congratulations to the winners:

1st - Robert & Claire Stammel
2nd - Jean Harrow & Susan Gehrig
3rd - Yvonne Devlin & Maureen Holt

State Mixed Pairs Qualifier - Results

Results are now posted on the website.

Congratulations to Anna Lanza and George Dregorius who will represent the Club on 27 May at the NSWBA.


1st - Anna Lanza and George Dregorius
2nd - Don Ward and Genevieve Shipton
3rd - Jean Harrow and Warren Robinson

Photos are available on our Facebook page.

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